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Our dedicated, staff, volunteers and community allies help us offer education and outreach at community events in Northern CA. Our group offers health education classes, HIV testing, Hep C Testing, and information booths at health fairs and community events. 

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In times of disaster, Caring Choices is activated by local county office of emergency services to operate as an emergency volunteer center. This allows community members to assist in multiple areas of need. 

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Caring Choices offers a variety of services for people living with HIV/AIDS in 8 Counties of Northern CA.



Volunteering is a valuable part of every healthy community. Volunteers come from all segments of society and often provide essential services. Everyone has the potential to contribute strength and resources in times of emergency. There are valuable and appropriate roles for unaffiliated spontaneous volunteers in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

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For more than 25 years, Caring Choices has devoted its energy to improve the health and welfare of residents in Northern California by providing services that are currently non-existent or limited in availability and accessibility, improving community services through volunteerism.  

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