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Long-Term Case Management

Caring Choices is now providing Disaster Case Management Services as part of the Camp Fire Collaborative.

Following a disaster as large and devastating as the Camp Fire in Butte County,

the effort and coordination of local, regional, and national agencies are necessary to

rebuild and bring the community back to a sense of health and wellness.

Disaster Case Management is the process of walking with individual families toward recovery- we get to know the needs, strengths, and barriers each family faces, confirm program eligibility, create a recovery plan, and work to maximize resiliency utilizing both internal and community funds and resources. We also participate in planning and implementing recovery efforts on a community level, as members of both the Emotional and Spiritual Wellness, Case Management, and Volunteer Management committees of the

Camp Fire Collaborative. 

Here is a list of
Frequently Asked Questions you might have regarding DCM

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Clients first access services through Butte 2-1-1, and are referred to Caring Choices or another agency for case management when an opening is available. There is a community queue at this time, and we are working diligently to accommodate as many families as possible with the hope that all members of the community will be served without excessive delays. Emergency funding is also available for some during this time, as are limited recovery funds through PG&E. We continue to work on building our program, with the hope that continued donor support will make it possible to increase the overall number of families we are able to serve.

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