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Updated 3/8/19

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 ButteCountyRecovers: The official website for Camp Fire response and recovery.

What is Long-Term Disaster Recovery and Case Management?

Following a disaster as large and devastating as the Camp Fire in Butte County, the importance of continuing and supportive assistance from community organizations is immeasurable. Long-term disaster recovery refers to the time agencies and organizations dedicated to assisting disaster-affected individuals to reach their unique goals for recovery following a major disaster. In addition to time spent assisting individual survivors, agencies and organizations like Caring Choices develop and integrate plans for recovery over an extended amount of time.

Disaster recovery will be unique to each individual or family and will progress differently over time. Long Term Disaster Case Management connects an individual or family with a skilled case manager who is prepared to support disaster-affected individuals with identifying and working towards their unique recovery goals. Case Management at Caring Choices is prepared, but not limited, to deliver the following tasks to help survivors navigate their paths for recovery:

  • Outreach and interviewing of those affected by the Camp Fire.
  • Intake and assessment of survivors.
  • General case management and referral to other relevant organizations that can assist with survivors identified goals.
  • Recovery planning and ongoing assistance.
  • Support and assistance with accessing FEMA, SBA, and other important local and disaster-related organizations.


Why should you contact us?

Case Managers at Caring Choices are committed to providing compassionate, informed and timely assistance to those affected by this devastating disaster. We are here to serve you and support your unique path toward recovering from this tremendous loss. If you require services that our organization cannot provide (i.e. counseling, supplies, financial support, medical, housing, etc.), Caring Choices is in collaboration with other non-profits and organizations and we are prepared to connect you with the services you need. 



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