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Volunteer match


Since our doors opened in 1993 we have offered a wide range of services always looking to fill in the gaps. Our Current programs focus on Case Management, Volunteering Programs, Community Education, Early Intervention Services, and HIV Case Management work among other programs.

case management

Caring Choices Case Management Programs exist to provide those in need multiple levels of assistance through case management and direct assistance. 

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Outreach & Education


Our dedicated, staff, volunteers and community allies help us offer education and outreach at community events in Northern CA. Our group offers health education classes, HIV testing, and information booths at health fairs and community events. 

mission & vision

Improve the health and welfare of residents in Northern California by providing services that are currently non-existent or limited in availability and accessibility, improving community services through volunteerism

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Basic Needs Pantry

Search our database and connect with an organization in your area.There are valuable and appropriate roles for unaffiliated spontaneous volunteers in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. 

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Volunteering is a vital part of a healthy community. Find out what role you can play in supporting local projects and organizations. 

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Caring Choices operates a donation-based basic needs pantry. Located in our Chico and Redding offices we are always accepting donations of canned and nonperishable foods, frozen items, and produce. 

Thanks to generous donations from NCAC and the California Department for Public Health we are able to offer free confidential services in our offices and also in a variety of non-clinical settings. 

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